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1812 Jackson St, La Crosse WI

(608) 782-1334

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  • Bogaty ★★ Fair 2 out of 5

    2009-12-24 15:41:15

    With this economy, it's a special treat to go out to eat. We choose to drive across town to go the Dragon and were very disappointed with the service. Our childrens' meals came out about 1/2 hour before ours and after that we watched as 6 other tables got their food, including people who came in 45+ minutes after us. By the time our food actually arrived, our children were finished eating. Our waitress could have fixed the situation by offering us a free appetizer or taking a small $ off of the bill. The food was good, although room temperature by the time we got home so I'm giving them a fair rating, but we will not go back to this restaurant in the near future. We want to support local business owners, but especially during a recession, they should be providing excellent customer service, not the terrible service we received.

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    1. This is not your buffet type of Chinese Restaurant. Good atmosphere, nice staff, and a small bar if you just want to order to-go. Easily in the Top 3 of La Crosse. The food is excellent and always fresh.

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